Okamura Contessa Chair. Reimagined.

Okamura set a new standard in office seating when the Contessa chair was first released back in 2002. It combined elegant design and smart controls that adapt to the user. Advanced build and flowing elements to provide comfort and support.

Continuing to revolutionise the field of ergonomic since 2002, the brand Okamura has recently released an upgraded version of its legendary Contessa chair, aptly named Contessa Seconda. Will it change the very definition of the word “ergonomic”? Let’s find out together!

Elegant and sophisticated design for office spaces

Okamura Contessa SecondaOkamura Contessa SecondaOkamura Contessa Seconda Okamura Contessa Seconda


True to its name, Okamura Contessa Seconda is all about organic smart design and elegant curves that ooze exotic beauty. When compared to its predecessor, the Contessa Seconda offers a wider range of colours, giving you more choices if you want to personalise your office. Furthermore, you can pick more frame options now, with white being the latest addition. Who says ergonomic office accessories have to be boring pieces?

Upgraded technology to fit all your needs

Contessa Seconda receives numerous upgrades using the latest technology to make it compliant to contemporary standards. The streamlined backrest is slimmer and more flexible. This helps to follow the motion of your body without sacrificing its support functionality in the process. To provide more stability to users, the seat now follows a ring design with only one piece with soft edges. This helps to ensure that the chair will distribute your weight much more evenly and you will feel more comfortable upon sitting on the chair.

Contessa II is fitted with Okamura signature technology, the Multiple Density Cushion. Utilizing three types of foam with different firmness, this special cushion will increase support in the front of the seat. Even better, this ergonomic design will help to reduce pressure on the thighs and improve circulation. The back cushion is now denser as well, ensuring better support and better sitting posture for you.

Changing your seat position is actually quite annoying on most chairs, but Contessa II isn’t like most chairs. Incorporating smart operation design, the chair allows you to change your seating position without moving a muscle. With a smart lever on the left armrest, you can lock and unlock the backrest recline and angle. The lever on the right armrest will allow you to change the chair’s height within the range of 435 to 545mm.

In short, the Contessa Seconda builds upon and improves the original features to make it even better. Elegant curves, top-notch engineering and smart design. The Okamura Contessa Seconda is available to order here. Back2 also have Quick-ship models in-stock.