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Improve Posture/Reduce Back Pain with Aeron Chair

by Back2

Posted on 28th January 2013

A staggering four out of five workers suffer from some sort of back pain. Around 230,000 people in the UK take sickness absence from work each year because of a back problem that can easily be prevented, or, in the case of an existing back injury, effectively managed to reduce pain.

classic aeronIt is no secret that a sedentary job can cause a range of health problems, from joint pain to poor circulation. Neither is it a secret that the cause of many of these problems, besides the inactive nature of office work, is a lack of comfortable and supportive seating.

Employers now have a responsibility to undertake suitable risk assessments for each employee. These are meant to highlight future or existing health problems and set out ways in which these can be prevented or better managed. In the case of back pain, the chair is very often the cause of the problem. It may be broken, have insufficient adjustments or be of completely the wrong design to accommodate the correct sitting position.

Many back-pain charities and organisations have recognised the benefits of ergonomic office chairs in reducing back pain. As a consequence, a number of companies have taken the lead in redesigning their offices to include ergonomic office furniture.

Ergonomic chairs not only have a beneficial effect for employees, but also look stylish. Aeron chairs, in particular, are stunning design pieces that would fit well into any office or home workspace.

The design of Aeron chairs is about more than aesthetics, however. While many ordinary office chairs can only be adjusted for height and backrest angle, the Aeron range has nine different adjustments. These allow users to fully adopt the chair to suit the way in which they sit and move around on their seat while working.

The design of most office chairs is based upon predicted use by a person of average size and build, but the designers of Aeron chairs have taken into consideration the fact that we are not all the same. The Aeron range is intended to adapt and adjust to the user, conforming to their body shape whatever size or build they may be.

Unlike traditional foam-cushioned office chairs, the fabric used for Aeron chairs allows the body to breathe, keeping joints cool and comfortable.

The specially created waterfall shape to the front of Aeron chairs takes pressure off the lower legs and keeps the circulation flowing, while the broad backrest supports the whole back. The unique tilt mechanism allows joints to pivot naturally, taking pressure off the neck, shoulders, hips and ankles and the Posture Fit innovation places the pelvis in a forward-tilted position. It is this forward tilt of the pelvis while sitting that creates the correct position for proper spinal alignment, which helps to substantially reduce back pain.

To find out more about the Aeron range at Back 2, please explore the product pages here or contact our helpful team for further details.

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