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How to Bounce Back to Work

by Back2

Posted on 8th January 2020

How to Bounce Back to Work

The bells are chiming, and malls are putting Last Christmas on repeat. It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season is coming, with many festive joys and cheers in every corner!

For most office workers, Christmas is the perfect time to take the time off away from the stressful daily tasks they are inundated with every day to enjoy some quality time with their friends and family. In a time where everything can be extremely stressful, such a quality respite is important to every office worker.

However, every beautiful thing will end someday, and the holiday won’t last forever. The holiday will be over and you will have to go back to work eventually. Probably with dull eyes and a disinterested attitude. It is definitely not going to be easy to bounce back from a long and festive Christmas vacation. But you can start with these 4 tips.

Admit that the holiday season is over

Lying to yourself will do more damage than good. Saying that Christmas is still around the corner isn’t going to make it last longer. In fact, the sooner you accept that you have to get back to work now, the better it is for you, as you will accept the grey mood and the lack of interest in your work a reality, and we can only solve problems effectively when we acknowledge we are having problems. For that reason, it’s ok to be a bit sad and angry that your vacation is over.

Catch up from the night before

The moment you return to your desk on the first day after your vacation, stacks of unread emails will certainly scare you and discourage you from working. That is why it is often better to be prepared. On the night before your official return to work, take some time to read through the emails. You don’t actually have to reply to them. It’s often enough just to read them and mark the important ones for you to reply tomorrow. This way, you will not be shocked by the extreme workload when you return.

Prioritize your tasks

There are so many things to be done that it can be quite difficult deciding which tasks need to be done first. This can leave you in an even bigger heap of work. It is important to take a moment to think about the tasks you need to do and put them on a priority list. That way, you will know which tasks to do first and which you can do later on when you have time, preventing you from cluttering your schedule.

Wear your confidence outfit

Wearing the clothes that make you confident can actually make a difference in your mood on the first days back at work. If you don’t feel like wearing your usual smart casual outfits, maybe you could even show up with a Hawaiian shirt! The key is to make yourself as comfortable as possible so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

Getting back to work after the holiday season is not easy, but only the first days are the toughest. Gradually, the days after will be much easier to get used to, and you will find yourself being productive again soon.

Posted in on 8th January 2020 by Back2.