The Herman Miller Embody is probably perfection. The backrest adjusts perfectly due to its design, it adapts perfectly to the users’ spinal shape and it provides perfect comfort and support, adjusting to each and every micro movement you make.

The Embody chair allows the user to sit actively, allowing their spine and surrounding muscles to be appropriately hydrated and oxygenated to help prevent unwanted stiffness and discomfort at the end of the day. The gas lift is combined with the tension adjuster for easy access, it has an adjustable seat depth and armrests along with an excellent posture fit to correct the shape of user's spine and place it in a healthy position.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is available in 3 different fabric types in multiple colours, as well as different frame and base colours. The Embody chair comes with 12 years’ warranty, 5 years on the fabric and 3 years on the gaslift.

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