The New Aeron Onyx

With pollution and climate change becoming one of the main global issues, brands are getting more involved in providing solutions to these problems. More are committing to social responsibility, either by improving the sustainability of the products or reducing wastes from the manufacturing process as a whole.

This is the goal of Herman Miller’s latest update. To help mitigate the damage caused by climate change, the brand announced that all of the chairs in their Aeron line will include ocean-bound plastic. This will also include the latest release from the brand, the Aeron Onyx Office chair.

A meaningful change

Plastic wastes remain one of the most pressing environmental issues that humans have to face. It is estimated that 8 million tons of plastic wastes enter the ocean, causing catastrophic consequences to sea wildlife. This is a red alert sign that calls for more actions, and the latest updates from Herman Miller are an appropriate response that will help to make meaningful changes.

Herman Miller Aeron ONyx Front

By including ocean-bound plastic into each manufactured chair, the brand expects to remove up to 24 million plastic bottles from the ocean on an annual basis. Ocean-bound plastic is used for the packaging process as well, not just the manufacturing process. This will help to maximize the amount of ocean-bound plastic used in the production line.

The company works with its partners in India and Indonesia, who will collect ocean-bound plastic and provide the materials to the company’s manufacturers. By sourcing ocean-bound plastic directly from these sources, Herman Miller helps to improve the local economy and create jobs for locals.

With this initiative, the company expects to increase the proportion of recycled content in its products to 50%. This results in their products being more sustainable and eco-friendly in the long run.

The Aeron Onyx Office Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Onyx Office Chair is the latest release from the iconic manufacturer. However, the model now reflects the changes that the brand is going through. Made primarily from ocean-bound plastic, the chair is incredibly eco-friendly while still offering top-notch comfort to the users. Featuring the patented PostureFit SL technology, the chair provides superb adjustable spinal support. This technology will also help your body to stay in the right posture throughout working hours. This makes sure that you will not have to face severe conditions such as back pain or neck pain.

Herman Miller Aeron Onyx Back

The chair will also let you make quick and natural recline adjustments through the state-of-the-art Harmonic 2 tilt mechanism. This chair comes with adjustable arms, seat height, seat depth, and recline angle, offering a highly personalized seating experience.

Herman Miller stays true to its commitments to sustainability and environmental protection. Through this initiative, the company will be able to further increase its capacity to make meaningful changes. The Aeron Office Chair exemplifies the new generation of office chairs: eco-friendly and sustainable without sacrificing any of the comforts it offers to the customers. With the Aeron Onyx Office Chair, your long hours at work will be much more manageable.

The Herman Miller Aeron Onyx is set to be released in November. To found out more, please check here