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Healthy and motivated in the office: with a workplace in motion

by Back2

Posted on 30th January 2020

healthy motion motivated office

Productivity, mobility, flexibility: the conditions under which professionals fulfil their daily tasks demand a high degree of adaptability.

New technologies are presenting employees with new challenges in ever shorter cycles accompanied by the demand to be available at all times. Fear of being left behind, people are now putting work unreservedly at the centre of their lives.

Increased responsibility and the growing complexity of professional life means that the line between job and private life are beginning to blur. The job is now no longer a means of earning money. Instead, it has become decisive in positioning a person in modern society. It has become part of a person's personality and identity. This is why we work a lot - most Britons work more than 40 hours per week.

The consequences

a rapid rise in cases of illness due to stress and sitting still for long periods during the day. This is costing companies billions. An attractive workplace is not only for reasons of prestige and health, but it also has an enormous economic significance. Employers have a great responsibility to create working conditions in which employees remain healthy and experience a sense of appreciation. A workforce that feels good, mentally and physically, are motivated, efficient and productive.

The right furniture and fixtures are also a decisive factor to create a sense of wellbeing at the workplace. Many companies have realised this and in recent years have invested in the furnishing of workplaces: air conditioning, the latest computer and communication technology, etc. Things have changed too with regards to desks and office chairs. Thanks to numerous studies, practically everyone now knows that we sit too much and need more motion at the workplace. For this reason, height-adjustable stand-up desks and ergonomic chairs are becoming an increasingly familiar part of the office landscape. A good start.

The problem here is that it is all a matter of quality.

The right motion and the proper dynamics to achieve a healthy effect. For not every so-called ergonomic chair that wobbles around a bit is good for you. Unfortunately, office chairs are still standing in the shadows compared with computers, tablets, mobile phones & co. Whereas computers are constantly being updated and new purchases are the order of the day, there is a distinct lack of information when selecting office chairs and a grudging budget for them. A fatal mistake. Chairs are the central element of the office. They are usually used for up to ten hours a day. If the sitting is of the wrong kind, i.e. without motion, the result is overweight, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic back problems and the like. Reasons enough to motivate every employer to invest in high-quality office chairs that keep you moving.

Aeris active seats - the central element for well-being at the workplace

For 20 years the Aeris company has been occupied with the problem of the lack of motion at the workplace. The result is the concept of 3D ergonomics developed for active seats which support and encourage natural, self-organised motion when sitting or standing in everyday working life. This type of motion corresponds to the human being's natural urge to move: spontaneously, intuitively and freely in all directions at any time. In this way, more motion is integrated into your daily life quite incidentally. In simple terms, during a 40-hour week in the office, Aeris active seats help employees keep in motion for 40 hours a week.

Life in Motion

When you sit on the Swopper or 3Dee, the 3D active technology in the baseplate permits them to follow each and every tiny, natural movement of your body. The seats adapt to the person sitting on them and not vice versa. The vertical movement relieves the intervertebral discs and stimulates the blood circulation. The sideways flexibility increases the radius of action, strengthens the muscles and optimises your natural posture at the same time. Furthermore, the 3D joint located close to the ground provides for a natural forward tilt as soon as you make a move towards the workplace. This keeps your back straight, which makes you breathe deeper and stimulates your blood circulation. Deeper breathing gets more oxygen to the brain and thus promotes better concentration and performance.

The Aeris active seats are thus simple solutions, easily integrated into everyday life, to the problem of lack of motion and the best way of ensuring healthy and happy employees, less absence from work, increased productivity and enhanced performance. All in all, it is a shrewd and cost-saving move to sit on a swopper or 3Dee.

For more information on 3D Ergonomics from Aeris, please visit www.aeris.de/en/.

This article was written by Aeris GmbH

Posted in on 30th January 2020 by Back2.