HAG Creed Series Review

To reach the best performance at the office, you will need the help of the right ergonomic accessories. The kind of chair and table you are using in your office right now is not enough to protect your body and your posture as you carry along with your day, as they simply don’t have the capacity to help you get in the right sitting posture all the time. They are also quite uncomfortable to sit on through long periods of time, making them highly impractical in the modern office.

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Fortunately, your solution is just right here. Flokk has just released some new models for the Creed series, and they are certainly going to be the chairs for you!

The Brand

HAG should not be a strange name for fans of ergonomics fans. Since its founding 60 years ago, the brand has always on the forefront of the field of ergonomic design. The brand focuses on human movements and how to adapt them to the furniture, creating a symbiosis in which both work in tandem with one another, not depending on the other. This approach allows the brand to create furniture pieces which put the human factor at the centre of the stage, giving you the ultimate comfort experience.

The brand also strives to create furniture pieces of the highest quality that lasts through the test of time. Sourcing only high-quality materials, HAG has created truly Scandinavian pieces which will last for almost a lifetime.

HAG Creed Series

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Built upon the base of the groundbreaking HAG 04 and HAG 05, the new HAG Creed Series returns to the core values of the brand with a little touch of modernity in order to offer you even more comfort and productivity boost. The new series employs a special system called the HAG Balance, which follows your every movement and your current sitting posture to offer you comfort no matter how you sit. With the new HAG Creed Series, you will not feel so numb and tired after sitting in the same position for too long.

Like its predecessors, the HAG 04 and the HAG 05, the series employs a clean and streamlined design which removes any potential clutter from your paths in the office. For those who want to fully enjoy the full range of its benefits, you can opt to add the HAG SwingBack armrests as well as a headrest. The built-in “4-in-1” adjustment wheels also make it exceptionally adaptive to your body measurements and the situations. There are many colour and fabric options for the chairs for you to choose from making the series a very personal-oriented one.

[caption id="attachment_2700" align="aligncenter" width="511"]HAG Creed 6002 HAG Creed 6002[/caption]

All in all, Peter Opsvik did it again with the HAG Creed series! Not only are they more streamlined now, but the old features have received remarkable upgrades, making this series a certain must-have for any office.

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