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Computer Accessories to Improve Work

by Back2

Posted on 17th February 2010

Laptop Stands
Having a laptop computer is great for taking you work and entertainment with you, but using a laptop for longer periods can cause neck and back problems. With one of our Laptop stands you can get you screen in its correct place - at eye level. These light-weight and compact stands are designed with this in mind. Simply plug in an external keyboard and bad posture is a thing of the past.
Ergonomic Keyboards
The right keyboard is essential to a good ergonomic set-up. Ergonomic keyboards can reduce strain on muscles and prevent injuries associated with the repetitive nature of typing on a keyboard. The only possible negative point about Ergonomic Keyboards is the time it might take to adjust to a new layout. For most users the additional cost of these types of keyboard is seen as an investment in the future health of their hands. We offer some of the best and most innovative ergonomic keyboards on the market today.The most common types of ergonomic keyboard are:

Fixed-Split Ergonomic Keyboard - designed with the keys split into two or more fixed position groups. The position of the keys can vary with some keyboards simply splitting the keys on a flat keyboard and others allowing splitting the keys at a slight angle. Another approach is for the keys to be split and placed in “curves” that mimic the natural position of the hands.

Adjustable-Split Ergonomic Keyboard – mostly the same as the fixed-split Ergonomic Keyboard except that the position of the split can be adjusted i.e. the sections of the keyboard can be moved further apart or the angle increased. This can best be seen on the Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard.

Ergonomic Mice
With the increasing use of computer mice too many people suffer wrist pain. Products like the Evoluent Vertical Ergonomic Mouse reshape conventional thinking on the shape and function of mice by letting the user keep their wrist in a more natural position.Two other innovative Ergonomic Mice solutions are the Trackball and Joystick mouse. The Trackball uses a ball rolled by the finger or thumb and moves the pointer on the screen in the corresponding direction. An example of this mouse is the Logitech Optical Marble Trackball. The Joystick Mouse is designed to work in the same way as Joysticks that were popular with early gaming systems. Rather than moving the entire hand around the user move the Joystick in the direction they would like to move the mouse.
Wrist and Arm Rests
Here at Back2 we have realised that people are spending increasing amounts of time each day on computers. Wrist and arm rests offer the movement to work effectively and the support to help prevent strain and fatigue. Pressure on the wrists caused when typing or using a mouse can lead to pain and discomfort.Wrist rests are used to keep the arm and wrists level while using a keyboard or mouse. Examples of wrist rests include the Fellowes Gel Adjustable Wrist Rest for keyboards and the Fellowes Gel Filled Wrist Rest/Mouse Pad for mice. An innovative solution for mice is the Mousebean designed to support the wrist without placing pressure on the median nerve, as this can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Posted in on 17th February 2010 by Back2.