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Choosing an Ergonomic Desk

by Back2

Posted on 28th January 2013

The information provided is only for reference purposes and should never be used as any form of medical advice or diagnosis. Before trying any new treatments or products to help manage your pain you should always consult your GP or a qualified medical practitioner.


When choosing standing desk adjustability is the most important thing as our bodies are made to move. The problem with the majority of office desks is that they are designed with a fixed height of around 72-75cm, which may not be the ideal height for you. In this situation, many of us will adjust our body to the desk, either by moving our shoulders or adjusting our chair so that the desk is usable. A desk that is too low can cause a “C” shaped spine and muscle pain. A desk that is too high will cause the shoulders to “shrug”, which can lead to neck pain. When setting up your workstation area you should first set up your chair correctly and then your adjustable desk. Once your chair is set-up correctly you should adjust your desk so that the middle row of the keyboard is level with the elbows; your forearms should be parallel to the floor. You should never shrug your shoulders to meet the desk. For further information see our Workstation Advice PDF.


The future is adjustable desks as these desks can be configured for your comfort, are an excellent way to keep on the move and change position during the working day. These types of standing desk allow you to adjust the height of the desk mechanically, including both the height and angle of the table top. These adjustments can enable you to work more efficiently and comfortably by giving you the option to work while sitting or standing. For some of us standing at a desk while working can help to reduce back pain and symptoms of back pain. Usually, the best combination will be to use a specialised ergonomic office chair with an ergonomic adjustable desk.


At Back2 we do a range of ergonomic adjustable desks that are perfect for anyone looking to maximize their comfort and efficiency while working. ConSet is a leading manufacturer of affordable height adjustable desks. We stock the full range of ConSet Desks including ConSet Corner and 3-Legged desks. One of the latest innovations in desking from Japan is the Okamura Cruise Workstation. The low-seat, rear-tilt keeps the body relaxed and makes it possible to concentrate many more hours compared to sitting in other chairs. Compared to the old upright sitting posture, the low-seat, rear-tilt posture is a major step forward.


Posted in on 28th January 2013 by Back2.