The role of HR & Facilities Managers is vital when it comes to selecting the right types of furniture for their company's requirements.

At Back2 we believe that finding the best service is just as important as choosing the right type of office chair for use in a business environment.

Below are 5 things to consider when buying ergonomic chairs for business and how our service can help make life easier:

1. Can we view some chairs in-person?

We have a showroom in Islington and are open 6 days a week. Our showroom allows you to view and try many ergonomic chairs from different manufacturers in a convenient location where our staff can demonstrate each one and answer any questions you have.

The internet is a vital communication tool for modern business however we do feel that having a "bricks and mortar" showroom allows us to provide the most convenient service for our clients, we can visit you or you can visit us!

2. How do I know a chair will be suitable for my office?

At Back2 we know it can be difficult for one person to identify which office chair fits their own needs the best and this can become even more complicated when having to choose a chair model that will be suitable for many people in an office department or building.

For this reason, we offer our B2B customers a no-obligation chair trial on a selection of chairs that might best meet their needs. We deliver the chairs to your office, show you how they work and then leave them with you for around 5 working days. We feel this is the most efficient way to allow all the relevant people in a company to view, try and discuss the pros and cons of different chairs before making a decision on which chair would best suit the company's needs.

3. How long will I have to wait?

We keep our most popular chairs in-stock and ready for delivery within days. Our in-stock chairs come from leading manufacturers such as RH, HAG, Herman Miller, Okamura & Haider BioSwing.

As one of the leading ergonomic furniture retailers in the UK, we are able to quickly supply chairs. Whether you are after just the one for an employee with specific needs or are looking for volume supply.

4. Will business need to stop?

Our expertise and experience allow us to supply, deliver and install office chairs in volume at your convenience. We can supply and install chairs for a team, department or entire office building without any fuss or disruption to your business activities. Our flexibility means we are able to accommodate your needs in many ways that other companies can't or won't.

5. What happens in the future if I have an issue with a chair?

Back2 has been in business for over 25 years. Our dedicated B2B team consists of highly qualified consultants supported by a dedicated admin team and in-house engineers. We don't just like to make a sale, we like to build relationships.

If you have any problems with a chair you purchase from us our B2B team will fix it quickly. All you have to do is let us know. Our team will then organise everything and have an engineer attend your office to fix the problem chair.

If you have any questions contact us on 020 7935 0351 or email [email protected] and arrange a meeting at your convenience.

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