Moll Funktion

Ergonomic designs have mainly been applied to workstations or offices. But did you know that you can build a petite ergonomic study corner for your kids?

Kids also need ergonomic furniture, as they are particularly vulnerable to bad posture. Kids and adolescents are in the age group where their skeleton system is developing. Influences from bad sitting posture can change the shape of their spinal cord, leaving them vulnerable to more serious conditions in the future.

In fact, kids in the modern world need an ergonomic study corner more than ever. As mobile devices and display screen equipment are now an integral part of their life, encouragement to sit in the correct posture is needed. To start building the ergonomic study corner for your kids, you should definitely check out the brand moll Funktion, a furniture brand specialising in ergonomic furniture for children.

History of Moll Funktion

Moll Funktion is a German brand that has been designing furniture for children for more than 90 years. Founded by the Moll family in 1925, Moll Funktion started out as just a family carpenter shop. However, the need for high-quality products and revolutionary designs have skyrocketed the brand’s popularity. What had been a small carpenter shop evolved into a thriving company, producing office furniture for regional retailers. In 1974, they launched the first height-adjustable desk for children and adolescents called moll – Arbeitsfreude. Since then, the brand has been releasing the most innovative ergonomic desks and chairs for children.

Brand’s philosophy

At the heart of moll Funktion lies a desire to create furniture pieces that last for a long time. As children grow older, their furniture tends to no longer fit the child’s growing height. Moll Funktion’s products are all about longevity. All of their desks and chairs are height-adjustable. So if your children grow, you will simply have to increase the height accordingly. What is more, the tables also allow extension modules to be installed, so if your kids have extra things to store in their desk, they can easily do so in an organized manner.

As moll caters mostly to children, it is extremely important for its products to be child-friendly. The edges on all of Moll products have been rounded to prevent accidents. The surfaces are sealed tight to limit the amount of formaldehyde, which can cause irritation in children’s eyes.

Moll Funktion’s products are not bland at all. Coming in many colours and fabrics, the brand’s children desks and children tables will serve as the perfect focal point for your children’s learning corner, and they go well with almost all room settings!

Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to back pains, neck pains, and other spinal changes. It is important that you start building a good ergonomic workstation for them since elementary school. As it can be super expensive to change furniture pieces as your children grow, moll Funktion’s children furniture might just turn out to be what you need for a solid and affordable long-term choice for your children’s development.

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