To be a master calligrapher, one needs not only a steady hand and a good pen but also the finest ergonomic accessories. Recently becoming trendy in offices, ergonomic accessories are good for your health since they keep your posture straight, helping you prevent back pains and neck pains. However, the benefits of ergonomic accessories don’t stop there. These specialised office accessories can also help you to enhance your productivity thanks to their ergonomic design. Back2 would like to present the top 5 ergonomic accessories that will help you to achieve your tasks much more quickly.

Writing Slope

Writing slopes

If you ever find yourself constantly switching between writing and typing, then you should consider getting a document holder. Holding a document on a sloped slab, document holders will let you effortlessly switch between writing and typing without putting a strain on your back or your neck, preventing pain in either area. Not only do they reduce muscular pains, but they also create a more streamline worksurface, allowing for better productivity.

Wrist Rest

Wrist Rests

We are not meant to use computer mice, according to evolution. So prolonged usage computer mouse will not bode well to your hand. Wrist rests are accessories that allow your wrist to rest upon it to prevent wrist fatigue, making them an invaluable asset in your ergonomic workplace. Most wrist rests are designed to fit almost all table sizes, so you shouldn’t worry about the measurements.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards and mice

Keyboards too wide are not good for your health, and mice in their current design are quite uncomfortable to use. Using them for too long will lead to some undesirable sitting diseases such as RSI. Ergonomic keyboards have a more compact design (usually without the number pad) to allow the arms to move closer to the body. Ergonomic mice have a specific design to fit the shape of the hand to prevent straining your wrist and shoulders, allowing for a healthier way to use a computer.



When sitting at a work desk, you don’t usually have a place to rest your feet on, so your feet will be quite uncomfortable during 8 hours of work. Having a footrest is the best solution to this issue, as not only does it help to relieve the pressure on your feet but it also helps you to sit in a higher position which is much more aligned to your natural posture.

Desk Lamp

Ergonomic desk lamps

Some desks cannot be placed near a light source for some reasons. This will put a strain in our eyes. Conventional desk lamps might help a bit. But their design is often limited, too bright or that there are too many shadows cast to enjoy reading. Ergonomic desk lamps are specifically designed to provide the perfect lighting without leaving too many shadows. Features such as dimmable light allow you to safely read without risks of straining your eyes.

Ergonomic accessories provide you with tons of benefits that could change your office life. Don’t worry, you will not be disappointed. If you need more personalised consultations on ergonomic accessories, do not hesitate to call us at 020 7935 0351.