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BIOSWING Propriomed Therapy Rod
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BIOSWING Propriomed Therapy Rod

SKU: 107120

Your practice partner in sensorimeter therapy.

BIOSWING Propriomed® is the sensorimotor vibrating rod with attenuation elements and easy-to-adjust frequency controllers for use by therapists. The vibration frequencies and thus the degree of difficulty of the exercises can be adjusted individually and continuously symmetrically as well as asymmetrically.

Vibrations with the Propriomed® lead to adjustment effects in several body systems. The dosed rhythmic stimulations dynamically activate the muscle synergism and improve the neuromuscular response time. The function of the muscles in the arms, shoulder girdle, in the entire torso and in the pelvic girdle are stimulated.

Longer-term exercise can not only improve motor control and the general body posture but also normalise the elasticity of the connective tissue and the regulation of the vegetative nervous system. The training intensity is influenced, amongst other things, by the vibration frequency, the vibration level and the duration of vibration.

  • Removable, robust and soft safety end caps.
  • The easily adjustable frequency controller makes it possible to change the vibration frequencies and to make the rod vibrate symmetrically as well as asymmetrically.
  • The multi-refined spring steel ensures calm, non-whipping vibration behaviour.
  • The attenuation elements guarantee smooth and even vibrating without extreme load peaks at the reversal points.
  • The high-quality, anti-allergenic grip that can be disinfected by wiping allows for comfortable and two-handed gripping.

Available in 3 versions; Propriomed® 1, Propriomed® 2 and Propriomed® 100. See the description and downloads tabs below for details.

Condition: New In stock


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BIOSWING Propriomed Therapy Rod
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Propriomed 1:
BIOSWING Propriomed 1
With its frequency spectrum from 3.0 to 4.0 Hz, the therapeutic beginner‘s rod covers the relevant frequencies for most patients undergoing neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation.

The multi-refined spring steel rod is 190 cm long and features two continuously adjustable frequency controllers on each end. Yellow colour marking, Class 1 medical product (EU).

Propriomed 2:
BIOSWING Propriomed 2
The therapeutically more demanding vibrating rod covers the relevant frequencies for patients with a good motor coordination with its frequency spectrum from 4.0 to 5.2 Hz.

The multi-refined spring steel rod is 165 cm long and features two continuously adjustable frequency controllers on each end. Red colour marking, Class 1 medical product (EU).

Propriomed 100:
BIOSWING Propriomed 100
The special vibrating rod for hand, elbow, shoulder and cervical spine rehabilitation. Designed for low vibration amplitudes with a frequency spectrum from 4.8 to 6.0 Hz, this lightweight model features a frequency controller on each side and three multi-refined spring wires wrapped around each other.

This spring-wire wrapping ensures attenuated vibration behaviour through the generated friction, which allows for this model to be applied in an early stage of the rehabilitation phase. It can also be used in the rehabilitation of children thanks to its low weight and its rod length of only 100 cm. Grey colour marking, Class 1 medical product (EU).


propriomed adjustment
In principle, three physical characteristics can influence the effectiveness of the Propriomed®:
  1. Changing the vibration frequency by adjusting the frequency controllers.
  2. Changing the vibration amplitude by means of varying load transmission strengths.
  3. Changing the vibration level by adjusting the load direction.

propriomed amplitude

Vibration Levels

propriomed vibration level 1
The vibration level in which the Propriomed® is vibrated depends on the direction of the force exerted on the rod. In principle, we distinguish between two vibration levels, whose alignment orients itself on the forearm(s) of the exercising person. Exercises with the Propriomed® moving in the vertical plane (left) are more demanding than exercises with the Propriomed® moving in the horizontal plane (below).
propriomed amplitude
For more information download the Propriomed® Manual from the downloads tab.


Brand Haider
Product Dimensions Propriomed 1: 190cm
Propriomed 2: 165cm
Propriomed 100: 100cm

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