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BIOSWING Improve Swinging Rod
£ 139.00 New Available online

BIOSWING Improve Swinging Rod

SKU: 107119
The vibrating rod for health, fitness and athletics.

BIOSWING Improve® is a specifically attenuated swinging rod with special frequency regulators. Specific attenuation means that the swing frequency of the rod can be adjusted to your abilities and skills with the help of the frequency regulator.

The BIOSWING Improve® is the high-tech vibrating rod with easy-to-adjust, symetrically as well as asymmetrically adaptable frequency controllers. Via these frequency controllers you can adapt the vibrating speed of the rod to your performance level.

Your task is to swing BIOSWING Improve® and keep it swinging using the least possible movement of the hands and arms while keeping your body steady. This will force your highly complex nervous and muscular system to adjust itself to the rod’s frequencies.

Two version are available; BIOSWING Improve® 130 and BIOSWING Improve® 150. The shorter the rod, the higher the frequency and the higher the demands on your muscle coordination.

The BIOSWING Improve® 130 has a length of 130cm with adjustable frequency from 5.0 to 6.0 vibrations per second and is ideal for advanced exercisers and athletics training. The BIOSWING Improve® 150 has a length of 150cm with adjustable frequency from 3.8 to 4.8 vibrations per second and is ideal for health and fitness training as well as for children from around the age of 6 and above.

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BIOSWING Improve Swinging Rod
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The vibrating rod

BIOSWING Improve® is made of special spring steel that along with the attenuators minimises load peaks at the reversal points of the swinging direction and thus avoids overstraining the musculoskeletal system.


A healthy and thus efficient nervous muscular system is capable of maintaining the specified frequencies and thereby of retaining control of the body with a constant swinging level. With regular use, you train the complex interaction between nerves and muscles by coordinating an increasing swinging frequency with a stable posture. This optimises your posture and your motor behaviour and eventually improves your performance, particularly during repetitive activities while seated or standing.

How to Exercise

BIOSWING improve swing level 1

Swinging level 1:
BIOSWING Improve® is swung as an extension of the forearms or the forearm.

BIOSWING improve swing level 2

Swinging level 2:
BIOSWING Improve® is swung at a right angle to the forearms or to the forearm.

The ideal training partner

Regardless of whether you are in the office, at home or in the fitness studio the BIOSWING Improve® is your ideal training partner! The rhythmic impulses that you generate and that are relflected by the rod lastingly improve your muscle coordination and posture.


Brand Haider
Product Dimensions 130cm/150cm


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