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Alpha Techno AT-2000 Massage Chair
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Alpha Techno AT-2000 Massage Chair

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Alpha Techno AT-2000 Massage Chair is a multifunction massage chair with extra padding and cushioning to fit comfortably into the body’s contours, for a full body massage experience.

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Reclining – the recliner can be adjusted from a 113 degrees to 321 by the push on a handle. This allows for a natural recline position to take place with ease and comfort. To rise the backrest simply lift the handle and prevent from leaning back for an easy, simple upright position.

Back & Foot Posture – the backrest and footrest can be adjusted accordingly to increase or decrease the recliner. This allows for greater space to move around while remaining in a comfortable and ergonomic state.

2-in-1 Footrest and Calf Massage –Depending on requirements, the footrest can be made into a calf massage to fully engage with the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Variety of Massage Modes – ranging from the top, to bottom of the body there is a wide range of massage programs to fit every need. Starting from, ‘Stretch’; kneads back in small circular motions ‘Flex’; alternated rapid tapping, ’Tone’; combines circular kneading with tapping and ‘Glide’; roles gently up and down the spine.

Automatic Programs – massage sequences to specifically focus on certain areas of the body, a great option for more localised focus on especially tense areas. The programs included are, ‘full body’ for an overall relaxing massage, ‘shoulder’ to ease built up tension in the shoulder area and ‘low back’ for a relieving lumbar massage to ease tightness and pressure.

Manual Programs – for even more selection there is the option to manually select programs to suit individual needs and preferences. The manual programs included are ‘Kneading’, ‘Percussion’ and ‘Kneading with Percussion’. With plenty of freedom, there is endless possibilities to mix and match.

Additional Functions:

Adjustable Rolling – rolling is a key motion to release tension during a body massage, with this massage chair there is the luxury of choosing the style of the rolling motion. The options include ‘full’ rolling and ‘partial’ rolling, in the event a more subtle combination is required.

Adjustable Height Range - from high, medium to low the massage height can be adjusted for each individual needs.

Adjustable Width Range – to fit any body shape, for a tailored experience throughout the entire back.


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