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M Line Kidz Pillow

Every parent wants their children to sleep safe and sound! The inventor of the M Line Athletic Pillow has adapted it especially for children. The M Line Kidz Pillow has the unique properties of the Athletic Pillow, but in a size of 36 x 26 x 6cm. It still has a neck recess for a relaxed position of the nerve bundles, a curve for a stable head position, and a shoulder recess for a perfect positioning of the pillow. All this with a pliable and pressure reducing breathing foam. The washable cover is made from a permanently anti-allergen fabric.

(After a certain growth, children need their heads to be supported. There is no specific age for this, and usually your child will let you know. It is important that you make a responsible choice. The pillow should definitely not be too high and it should be ventilated. The M Line Kidz Pillow has these properties and is in itself a perfect start for the child to rest its head free of pressure.)

Price (ex VAT):£70.83 Price (inc VAT):£85.00 Delivery (inc VAT):£6.25

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