Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs can make all the difference when it comes to preventing aches and pains when your at work. Ergonomic office chairs assists in achieving the correct posture when seated and their are designed to support us when our bodies move, ergonomic dining chairs provides the best comfort for sitting down and enjoying a good meal.

While working, choosing from the best ergonomic executive chairs can make all the difference, as maintaining a poor posture for long stretches can cause problems in the neck, shoulder, and back over the long term. Preventing these problems with ergonomic chairs can increase productivity and more importantly prevent possible long-term health issues occurring.

Back2 are proud to stock a wide selection of ergonomic chairs, office stools and office chairs to help you to choose from the best ergonomic dining chairs, ergonomic desk, executive chairs, office stools and ergonomic furniture available. Suppliers include Hag chairs, RH chairs, Herman Miller chairs, and Okamura chairs. We offer customisation on a number of our chairs and are happy to discuss your requirements, whether it is to choose one of our chairs for bad backs, or to prevent back problems affecting you. If you are not sure what type of ergonomic furniture would best suit you or your employees' needs, Display Screen Assessments (DSE) can be carried out by our trained staff either at our London showroom for individuals or at company premises. At the bottom of this text we have provided you with some useful information about our ergonomic chairs or for more information: contact us.